Varanasi- A visit to the magical city

March 14, 2016

Yes! It is definite that our globe is an oblate spheroid. It is true that it revolves around the hydrogen ball, but one thing which is not certain is our existence in this creation.

Needless to say, every species is vulnerable to extinction. We are born to die or rather we die to be born again.

But how we live ultimately signifies the very existence of every individual.

Off late, discovery of my passion for travel has added a lot to my little knowledge of everything that I’ve experienced in childhood.

A place that’s chaotic, noisy, yet the enchants so peaceful, indiscreetly beautiful, arousing self-actualization amidst the diverse and virtual confluence of sects, religion, opinions. Indeed, it is Varanasi, the oldest city of this planet; where Varuna and Assighat meet with the Ganges.

Here I would not describe the geography or demography of the place. The days I spent there had some deep influences on me and I will take you to those days.

Varanasi is an age old mysterious city. It’s a place that invites so much of everything right from the scenic attraction of the mighty river to the( ‘galis’ – personified) kachoris, jalebis, and of course not to forget the most special drink which gets you to’ level 1′ of harmless intoxication at a go- a glass of ‘thandai’ at the  godowlia crossing. Oh! It’s just yummy.

Another must visit is to the small cottage workers spinning the world famous Benarasi sarees which needless to mention- is  a class apart with zari work all over.

The best time to visit here would be March-April from the first quarters and Oct- Nov from the second.

What one even inadvertently cannot afford to miss is the unmatched beauty of the Ghats on the eve of Dev deep-sea; this is a festival of lights.

Co-incidentally my visit here collided with this unplanned celebration and the most happening festival of lights in the entire country. Its first glimpse got me awestruck. Diyas made of earth are the only audio and visual of this special occasion.

It’s a place where the crowd doesn’t disturb you rather nullifies the term ‘loneliness’.

Other places of interest are the amazing street food of the city, moong dal ka halwa, Kashi chaat bandhar special ‘chaats’ and the favourite drink of every Indian, tea.

You get to see the cycle of life along the ghats, like a story of life reframed that includes an encaged soul getting released gradually.

It’s where you can redefine spirituality and the pathways to cultivate own self. It’s a place for shopping, entertainment, food, culture and colour.

Needless to mention, this city houses lakhs of people across all religions, be it from where ever, you would never find yourself secluded as there is enchantment in the chaos. Being a birthplace of renowned authors and a major Gharana of Indian classical music, Varanasi has to be numbered among the few cities which can even turn lethality non-reactive. There is poise and the whole history of the place would provoke to know even more about this place. It houses a huge number of craftsmen and women making earthen pottery decorative, spinning world class sarees, and bangles which are major attractions. It counts for an absolute visit to this place and make sure you taste life in this part of the country even from the tiniest drop of the Ganges.

This place would speak of history, freedom, personified spirituality, and the carefree life of a “white vagabond” who surely has a much more concrete objective of life, that has perhaps connected the Grand Canyon with the Ganges.

To pen down how simultaneously the cycle of life and death were seen would look like it is not practically possible but how much a short span of life can value, is what I would like all of my readers to realise.

Incarnation is a big term for us. However, it did provoke positivity and zeal to live for purpose, to live for others; instilling faith in the masses.

A must visit to this still concealed, magical city.

By Payel Bakshi


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    Ritesh Tiwari

    March 16, 2016

    Varanasi is magical for sure ! I have been there and everything about this city is great. wonderful to see good articles coming up .

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      March 17, 2016

      Thank you so much Ritesh.It feels great to get encouragement from our readers.We would love to hear more from you.Do let us know your feedback on other articles as well.