Sweet lassi recipe- easy to make homemade lassi

April 24, 2016

It's burning inside out this summer! And we know you are missing Ghar ki lassi. Especially for the ones staying away from home...we are here to make your life easier. Sweet Homemade Lassi-Easy and Fast. Just a quick look and you are all set to make the Lassi.
Try it out differently and surprise your loved ones. :)


  • Home-made yogurt
  • Chilled water
  • Sugar
  • Table salt
  • Grounded pistachios
  • Resin
  • Rose water


Step 1- Put in 2 cups of home-made yogurt already refrigerated into the blender.

Step 2- Pour in a glass of chilled water. If you haven’t refrigerated both, you can readily add cubes of ice in it.

Step 3- Add sugar as per your taste and preference, I used 2 tbs.

Step 4- Add a little salt just for that ‘NAMKEEN-MEETHA’, taste.

Step 5- Now blend the contents.

Step 6- Garnish with grounded pistachios, a tinge of rose water; and resins.
However, you can garnish it any way you like.

Your Thandi Lassi is ready to be served chilled!
Enjoy your drink and chillax.

-By Payel Bakshi