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Priyanka Chopra-5 major takeaways from her interview with the time magazine

April 24, 2016

From winning the Miss World Pageant 2000 to sharing screen space with legendary Dwayne Johnson in the much awaited movie “Baywatch”, Priyanka Chopra has always been the talk of the town. Her latest achievement is being part of the TIME’s list of 100 most influential people in the world, 2016. We bring to you the most important moments from PC’s interview with the TIME which are so not to be missed.

1. Priyanka’s take on Feminism

PC does not shy away from the fact that she did face gender discrimination in Bollywood. Her role in much acclaimed movie “FASHION” (2008) brought a shift in the Hindi movie trend where male centric movies have always been given a preference. She is proud to associate herself with movies where the female leads have significant roles, those roles where she is irreplaceable, as she puts it.

2. Views against Racism

We all hear and talk about racism, but it becomes a major topic of discussion when a celebrity like PC talks about it. Priyanka had on several occasions mentioned incidents from her schooldays spent in US, where she was called a “brownie” because of her skin colour. Co-incidentally, PC is amazed to be a part of the hit American TV series “Quantico” where she plays the role of an Indian origin woman being an FBI Agent and facing that “brown” girl tag. She wants people to know how racism is making it difficult for so many people in the world to do what they actually want to do in life.

3. PC’s mantra “individualism”

It is inspiring to hear someone as big as an actor like Priyanka to claim in public media that she does not want to follow trends. She does not want to be the superstar, or a legend or anything that anyone else has ever achieved. She wants to be something that no one has ever attempted to be or reach a point which has been unattainable till date. Her moto had always been, “to be the best version of me”, as she puts it.

4. The show must go on

In her latest interview, Priyanka has a message for everyone. And that is filled with beans of optimism. As she shares her career plans from the initial years, she claims that she always had an alternative plan. To her, life is all about moving on. It’s about having a Plan B, having the faith and optimism to keep moving ahead even after failures. Isn’t that so motivating !

5. Self made human is the best made human

Priyanka’s story of her journey that she shares with TIME, definitely reflects all the reasons for her making it to this prestigious list of 100 most influential people in the world. No wonder she is thrilled to share such a platform with Indians like RBI head Raghuram Rajan, while she managed to do so without being a typical nerd, doctor or engineer who are usually the ones to get such recognition. PC does not hesitate to tell in public that she is a “lone wolf.” She has achieved everything with her sheer hard work and dedication. She learnt make up, she learnt acting, she learnt bringing those audience driving emotions on screen. No wonder she was the perfect choice for her role in “Quantico” despite all the nervousness that she conquered right before auditioning for the said role.

PC, we are proud of you and your achievements. You are the symbol of a powerful human being. Something that anyone could be as long as he/she wants to be one.

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-By Riya Lala