Imaan ho gaya kya mera kharaab, likhna.

· Love sees no religion, does it? ·

March 14, 2016

Inspired by the song, "Imaan ho gaya kya mera kharaab, likhna", from the movie Zakhm (directed by Mahesh Bhatt), here is a small note for you to sooth your soul this evening. A boy is born to a Hindu parents and a girl to a Muslim. Never thought they will have a tryst with destiny like this. Met in a very unusual manner. Love took over them but then...

Walked to her with a vermilion teeka on his forehead.

Seemed to be a big fundamentalist alone in that crowded corridor.


So was their first encounter.

Never before had she believed, intelligence appeals more than what look does.

It did this time.

Yes! It appealed her till the zenith.

Deep within,

that romantic chasm of this heart, she held something.

That something was more like ambrosia.


Yes! Yes!

Yesterday she felt, the difficulty.

Difficulty to hold it anymore.

She wanted to speak out.

Glossophobia prevented.

By now, love had deluged.

This time not just her heart,

but even her mind became a victim.

She was now in another world.

In another aroma.

It appeared to her like a petrichor.

She kept sniffing it hard to quench this quest.

Emotions in tonnes carved its way in her mind.

Glossophobia cured.

Words flowed out.

“I love you”, she said.

A revert with a three letter word “too”,

cross multiplied the satisfaction derived.


She wishes to elope.

Oh! people.

Stop, don’t panic.

She knows, she knows.

The set norms.

The much cultivated fundamentalism.

She will not.

She will never.

Because she knows both of them are a captive of this civilization.

She, a captive of a Musalmaan chief.

He, a captive of a Hindu chief.

By Saneya Arif


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    Soubhik Chatterjee

    March 18, 2016

    It is a nice piece, which would touch anyone’s soul long and deep. The conundrum called religion remains unsolved; alas the fight continues between self appointed popes!

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      March 20, 2016

      Thanks a lot, Soubhik.Hope the pope at both sides understand and acquire a shortstop. 🙂