New Zealand’s 5 $ bill : Best Banknote of the Year

April 28, 2016

New Zealand’s 5$ banknote won the award for the best banknote of the year 2015. The bank note is orange – brown in color featuring Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the most celebrated mountaineers of New Zealand  on the front and a penguin (Kokako) on the back. The 5$ note was declared a clear winner among 40 eligible designs presented by 20 different countries. New Zealand had a close competition with Sweden’s 20 Kronor note, Russia’s 100 Ruble and Kazakhstan’s 20000 Tenge . You can see the 5$ banknote on Brighter Money.

 The International Bank Note Society in this competition judges the bank notes based on their artistic merit, security features and the use of color contrast and balance within the design of the bank note. To be considered eligible for the competition the bank note must have been issued for the first time during the year and should be in circulation in general. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand introduced the 5$ and 10$ note in October 2015 under the Bright Money Range brought in by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The general public was allowed to use the current range of notes as well as brighter money notes. The brighter money range includes improvised security feature, a very vibrant Imagery, and innovative design.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand aims to protect the value of their currency while maintaining the identity of New Zealand in the process. The Canadian Bank Note company designed the note at their Ottawa plant in Canada. The theme of notes remains same, having prominent New Zealanders, flora and fauna, the Queen remaining the central feature of the design. The new notes have better security features to detect counterfeiting, better and larger numerals for blind people to detect, and have maintained the prominent and vast history of New Zealand.

Source : New Zealand’s bank notes, Brighter Money

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-By Upasana Singh