how i met your daddy

How I met your daddy – The loveliest letter from a mother to a son

April 30, 2016

Dear Dhruv,

I want you to read this when you grow up. I am penning it down not for the fear of losing my memory when I grow old. I am writing this letter to you because life is uncertain. And I don’t want you to miss out on what a wonderful man your Dad is. He is the first man I ever loved and the man in whose arms I wish to die.

Wow! It feels like a fairy-tale when I look back. The most beautiful moments of my life have been gifted by your father. Let me tell you the secret to how I met your Daddy.

We were a part of the same training academy. It was a one-year training that we had to undergo before joining as Managers. The training academy used to publish a magazine every month. I was a part of the editorial board and so was your Dad. I saw him the first time in the editorial board meeting. We were 7 people standing in a group and chatting. Your Dad was standing alone at a distance, looking at his watch. He came along only when the head came for the meeting. He was the only one we didn’t know out of the lot. So we introduced ourselves to him after the meeting. And you know what he did?

While all of us were busy chit-chatting, he excused himself and left. I found him so weird. He was a tall handsome man with specs, who hardly talked. I thought he was a geek. This was the third month of our training. The next three months were even weirder than your Dad.

For the next 3 months, we only met for work. I was very professional and he was an introvert. So despite his little efforts, we were only a “Hi”, “Hello” and “What is the agenda for the magazine?” kind of friends. Only colleagues I must say. But this is what I found intriguing!

He was the one compiling and designing the magazine. And out 6 people I was the only one he would talk to. He would talk to the others only when they asked him a question. Anyway, I was too busy with my class activities and didn’t pay much attention to it. Three months went by and we left for our 2 months on-job training. I don’t know what happened to him all of a sudden.

A guy who hardly talked would send me a message or a quote every other day. I was thinking what is wrong with him but I don’t know how I became friends with this tall man. And let me tell you about our deal. How can I miss it…

Our deal was either to get a reconciliation done with his ex-girlfriend or to find a ‘beautiful’ girl for him. Mind you, he asked me to look for a “beautiful” girl. 2 months went by and we went back to the academy. Do you think our love story had started?

No. Never. I hated men with all my conviction. Never trusted them on anything. Headstrong and focused, I made it a ” Mission Impossible” for him. But that wasn’t it.

I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or a conspiracy but we crossed ways quite often. A guy that I hardly saw in the first 5 months would cross my way every evening when I was with my friends.

One night after dinner, when I was going back to my room I met him on the way and said a sweet bye. There was something different in his eyes this time, and it was strong. But I had completely no clue about what the night had in store for me.

I got a message on my phone at 10:30pm in the night. It said, “I don’t know how it happened…but I have fallen in love with you”. My entire world turned upside down. This man was in love with me. But I wasn’t. I said a point blank ‘No’. He was hurt and I thought it’s over but the very next morning I got a shock.

He texted me- “Would you like to go on a date with me?”. I said “No”. And it didn’t end there if that is what you are thinking.

Every day he asked me for a date and every day I said “No”. One day I asked him,” Don’t you feel insulted? Every day you either ask me for a breakfast or dinner date and I say “No”. Still you ask me again and again. Till when will you do it?” He answered, “I will ask you until you say a ‘yes’ to me.” I was shocked at his audacity. I couldn’t say a word in return.

He was so confident. Language and culture were never a barrier for him. He would always tell me,” You are my girl. I won’t leave you.” What beautiful days! And let me tell you the best of it all. Your Dad will never forgive that little girl.

We had a fest in the academy. Tanya and I were best friends. After the fest, we were hanging out with friends when your Dad came along. We were busy showing our palm to a friend who was apparently good at palm reading. Your Dad wanted to spend time with me and moved his hand forward. He regrets it till date. You can’t even imagine what the girl said.

She looked at his hand and shrieked ,” Oh my God! How many relations did you have in the past?” He froze at the spot.

Just as he was about to answer, the other stone came whirling at him at a speed he never imagined. “You will not be loyal to your wife even after marriage”. That was it. She made my day.

I and Tanya were rolling on the floor laughing and your Dad was dumbstruck. He would have killed the little girl for saying that.

For a week, he kept convincing me that she is a fool and says whatever she feels like. I enjoyed teasing him all the while. I didn’t leave a single opportunity to make him think I believed her.

Nevertheless, my friends always found him a decent man. They felt I should at least give him a chance to speak what he wants to. So in the final week of our training, we went on a date. And this time, it was my turn to freeze. What he told me there was simply incredible.

He said,”I saw you with your friends in the 1st month of our training. I couldn’t get my eyes off you and I fell in love with you. You suddenly disappeared in the crowd and I couldn’t find you for the next three months. I finally found you again in the editorial board meeting and that is when I came to know your name.”

I was completely shocked at his confession. He left me speechless.

The time had come when we had to leave the academy. We were posted in two different states. He came to drop me to the airport. I felt my heart sinking when I was leaving him. I felt incomplete. I was already missing him. I didn’t want to accept what was happening to me and I boarded the flight. The more I subdued it, the more it rose.

It was beautiful. I was back home and I finally said “Yes”. His happiness knew no bounds. He had done it.

You know Dhruv. All the while when your dad was trying to impress me and I was running away from falling in love, there were butterflies around. I was happy like never before. Active, energetic, smiling all the time… Everything around looked lovelier than ever.

 It was the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever had. Nothing could match it till date.

We were away for 3yrs till we got married. Yet, there wasn’t a single day when I didn’t wake up to his message or slept without his call. His life was his work, family and me. More of only work and me. Even in the busiest of his days at work, he called me at least once to ask whether I had food. I have never seen a man like him.

I did not know how to cook when we got married. Your Dad was a complete foodie. His whole life revolved around food but he never criticized me for my bad experiments. Only after eating the food I would realize how horrible it was.

I was a business woman and he supported me thoroughly. Even after his late hours of work he would help me frame my business strategies. Any glitches in my business and I would run to him. He always motivated me to work better and appreciated everything good that I did.

There were times when I was very sick and didn’t want to eat. He fed me like a baby and made sure I take my medicines on time. He took all my mood swings and tantrums when I was suffering from PMS. I would get chocolates and jellies and everything that I wanted.‘No’ was never a word in his dictionary.

We hardly had arguments and he never fought even if I wanted to. He never shouted at me or backed out from saying sorry if he was angry at me or in a bad mood.  I haven’t seen a man like him who doesn’t hold grudges and keeps no ego in a relation. It is your Dad who taught me how to love unconditionally.

He changed my entire conception of how a man is. I hated men before I met him.

And I am telling you this because I want you to be the same man to your girl that your Dad was to me.

 She is your girl. Love her. Make her feel special. I want you to be a reflection of your father.

I will be a successful mother, only if I am able to teach you how to treat your girl like a princess. And I couldn’t find a better way to do it. Why should you have role models to teach you that when your Dad is the best husband a woman could have had.

His memories are so beautifully etched in my mind…that even schizophrenia dare not separate it from me. He is and will always be the man I loved the most. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And I know it because your Dad made me feel it.

Lots of love,


P.S- This is a real love story.

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