For that famished soul of mine,
that doesn’t need a glass of wine,
to dance to tunes,…

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“How do you find it?”- Daddy asked me. “Serene”- I said, standing by the still water in the pond. Everything was still…

Grape Flavored Iced Tea Fizzy


– By Md. Shehearyar Labib
Md.Shehearyar Labib started his culinary journey at a very early age. His inspiration is his grandmother and aunt….

10 reasons why having breakfast is a must to live life king size

1.OAT MEAL PORRIDGE : (with nuts and fruits of your choice, like banana, walnuts, apple and almonds). Oats are a good source of…

Varanasi- A visit to the magical city

Yes! It is definite that our globe is an oblate spheroid. It is true that it revolves around the hydrogen ball, but…

Imaan ho gaya kya mera kharaab, likhna.

Love sees no religion, does it?

Walked to her with a vermilion teeka on his forehead.
Seemed to be a big fundamentalist alone in that crowded corridor.
So was their…

Atrangi Yaari-The Song of Unusual Friendship

Before you start reading, a small suggestion– The article will sound best if/when you open the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wnN1KkuzpE on the next tab!…

A mother’s letter to her one year old son on his birthday

I barely slept since my water broke. Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and hormones fuelled me. I wanted the world to celebrate with us….

CLAT 2016: Brief overview and tips for preparation

The entry ticket to leading law schools in India is obtained through smart work and positive attitude. Systematic preparation and knowledge of…

5 beautiful knife paintings which will compel you to switch from a “brush” to a “knife”

These modern art knife paintings by Kritika Sinha, will definitely take you by awe. She has been painting since…