Kolkata Diaries – She had all eyes on her…..

April 11, 2016

Remember 'My name is Khan', Khan from the epiglottis, not kaan? How it hurts if someone calls your name wrong, feel the same for other's identity. Another page of Kolkata Diaries...but this time we urge you to think and reflect. You might be one of them... staring,smirking and judging... How do you feel when someone does the same to you?
Let us create a world which knows no hatred. We were born not to judge. Only to love and be loved....

She had all eyes on her. Either directly or from the corner. She was tall with hair so curly that even the ivy could grow jealous of. The elderly ladies raised an eyebrow to her sense of dressing while the guys checked her out, smirking. She was one of us yet the crowd secluded her. She wanted to blend in but was not allowed. For she was a transgender.

When the rush had subdued a little, she found herself a corner seat. The seat beside her was vacant. Though many were standing nobody dared to sit by her side. I noticed a lady move away from her a little as if she had been inflicted with some disease unknown. Some laughed at her calling her “Life’s irony”, others ignored. Some just kept staring, taking notice of her every move.

She took in all of this silently. Then she moved out of the world she’d known so long. The world that has disowned her, a world where she did not belong. The world that has scorned her, for being her own beautiful self. Tucked her headphones deep into her ears so as to stop the voices which the people around shrieked in their minds.

I took the empty seat, she looked at me and smiled. Her smile told me of the thousand deep gashes that she bore every day in her heart. The injustice she is being subjected to. It then did strike my mind. Was this happening just because I was in a world beneath the world (underground metro)? Or has the society stooped so low to judge a person by their gender alone?

They do not require our approval.
They do not need our sympathy.
They are human beings created by the Almighty himself,
And they have every right to live with their dignity.

Let us create a world which knows no hatred. We were born not to judge. Only to love and be loved….

By Pallavi Banik