For that famished soul of mine, that doesn’t need a glass of wine, to dance to tunes, you’ve never heard, My soul is famished but still a free bird, It is perched on a high cliff there, trying to grasp the sun, the clouds, the air, and mix it all up in a bowl, […]

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“How do you find it?”- Daddy asked me. “Serene”- I said, standing by the still water in the pond. Everything was still the same; as static as the water in the pond. It seemed that time had lost its battle of change. It couldn’t stir the dormancy of this arena. Brooding about the reluctance and […]

Grape Flavored Iced Tea Fizzy

  Print Yum Grape Flavored Iced Tea Fizzy Serving Size: 2 IngredientsIngredients Grapes: 2 gm Tea bags: 2 Sugar syrup: 4 tsp Mint spring: a few Lemon juice: 2 tsp Lemon slice: 6 pieces Black salt: 1 tsp Chat masala: 1 tsp InstructionsBlend grapes and mint leafs together and sieve to get the liquid. Brew […]

Varanasi- A visit to the magical city

Yes! It is definite that our globe is an oblate spheroid. It is true that it revolves around the hydrogen ball, but one thing which is not certain is our existence in this creation. Needless to say, every species is vulnerable to extinction. We are born to die or rather we die to be born […]

Imaan ho gaya kya mera kharaab, likhna.

· Love sees no religion, does it? ·

Walked to her with a vermilion teeka on his forehead. Seemed to be a big fundamentalist alone in that crowded corridor. “Hello”. So was their first encounter. Never before had she believed, intelligence appeals more than what look does. It did this time. Yes! It appealed her till the zenith. Deep within, that romantic chasm […]

Atrangi Yaari-The Song of Unusual Friendship

Before you start reading, a small suggestion– The article will sound best if/when you open the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wnN1KkuzpE on the next tab! Now, go ahead… 🙂 How often have you tuned into a song and have been flooded with tons of emotions, right in front of you! Blinking back to back! Rushing! Zooming in and […]

A mother’s letter to her one year old son on his birthday

I barely slept since my water broke. Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and hormones fuelled me. I wanted the world to celebrate with us. With nine months of rigorous effort, our little project was completed and launched on February 19th. It was you, our son Vivaan. I sat down gazing at you in search of the resemblance; […]

CLAT 2016: Brief overview and tips for preparation

The entry ticket to leading law schools in India is obtained through smart work and positive attitude. Systematic preparation and knowledge of the right subject areas will help you sail through CLAT 2016. Almost a decade ago, when I decided to choose “law” as my career option, there was very little detail available about law […]