Holidaying : Top 5 places you must visit in Houston

April 27, 2016

Houston is the summer city with a smooth southern style located in the southeast region of Texas in the United States of America, near the coastal area. The city is named after “Sam Houston,” the first President of the Republic of Texas. Houston soil is enriched with talents that have given birth to several famous personalities. Rated as the global city, it is the world capital of international energy industry and the world capital of petroleum exploration. It’s a multicultural urban sprawl home to a variety of races and immigrants speaking more than 90 languages which clearly erase any doubt about Houstonians hospitality. And that’s the reason why millions of tourists visit here. Houston welcomes everyone with an open heart. Whether it’s the sizzling savory barbecue or an upscale shopping ; all you need is a pair of boots, a sun hat and you’re good to go.

Holidaying in this big time city is not an uphill task if you buy a city pass which would provide you an access to its major attractions. The top five attractions of Houston are:

1) Space center Houston (NASA)

houston space center

Being the world capital of space exploration, Houston space center is a must go for your bucket list. This center is a home to more than 400 space aircraft. Highlights include astronaut training for the International space station. Visiting on a Friday can give you a chance to listen to a presentation by a real astronaut.  The NASA team tour takes the visitors into the working area of Johnson space center for an authentic behind the scenes view. One can view spacecraft, spacesuits, aircraft from nation space program, rocket launching demo on screen and can get a feel of what it’s like to be on space. In addition, there is a food court and a small shopping area inside where one can get NASA specified goodies.

2) Downtown Aquarium

downtown aquarium

Featuring more than 400 species, from a fascinating tour of colorful, captivating undersea landscape to the display of aquatic ecosystem; Downtown Aquarium has plenty to discover. It’s a home to white tigers that live in the Maharaja temple exhibit. Not only you can see them up close, you can also learn about them. It has land side rides like the Ferris wheel and a rainforest with colorful birds. Missing Louisiana swamp can fetch you regret! It’s a perfect lounge spot for sea life. Not only a feast for eyes but also for the palate; as the Aquarium restaurant offers a variety of seafood, giving one a feel of dining underwater with more than 100 species of tropical colorful fish sprawling in the tank.

3) Kemah Boardwalk

kemah boardwalk

Located just 20 miles from the Downtown, Kemah Boardwalk is a perfect collaboration of thrill rides, music, fun, shop, food, cool breeze along the exquisite Galveston bay. This bodacious strip of fun is likely to attract attention. From riding an uproarious roller coaster to sipping a margarita, getting one’s boot on and thumping on blues, this Boardwalk has lots of fun stored in. One can enjoy the serene water views from the top of the Ferris wheel and take the kids on the double decker carousel to the riotous free fall ride. In addition, there is a little aquarium in a corner to explore. So get ready for a tantalizing tour.

4) The Galleria (free entry)


If you are a shopping freak, this is your place to worship in. Gaining national face of shopping sophistication, this icon is the top shop destination in Houston attracting over 30 million visitors yearly. It is Internationally respected for its architectural styles promoting an upscale shopping. This spectacular glass atrium was modeled after Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. It covers more than 400 fine cloth line stores, restaurant, an ice rink, and two Westin hotels. It dishes up high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Nordstrom, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Macy, Victoria Secret,  Prada, Armani, Tiffany & Company etc. An ice rink adds to its fun, keeping visitors engage under its glass carved roof.  It’s a perfect place where shopping, food and fun come all together. Adjacent to  the Galleria is the Gerald.D.Hines water wall park, a 64-foot semi-circle fountain surrounded by 186 live oak trees; one of the most popular places for proposals, wedding, and a romantic photoshoot.

5) Hermann Park (free entry)

herman park

Located in the heart of the city, the 445 acre Hermann park is the city’s most significant public green space hosting more than 6 million visitors annually. Here, visitors can engage in lots of activities like feeding ducks and pigeons, renting paddle boats on the lake, the miniature train ride around the park, playground galore,  tons of joggers trails, lush green pictorial landscape, attractive Japanese zen garden, fountains, tuning into live rock band etc. Ample of green space also invites visitors to plan for a picnic or organize a birthday party.  A café, in addition, makes it a perfect stay for family and kids.

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-By Vijayashree