Google – The most attractive employer of the country

April 25, 2016

Google emerges as the most attractive employer for the 2nd consecutive year

Needless to say, Google the most popular word of this e-world, as per the survey conducted by the Human Resource Consultancy Randstad, was declared as the most attractive employer of 2016  in the country followed by Mercedez Benz.

Sectoral awards were given to Dell India in IT, Samsung India in Consumer electronics and Amazon India in e-commerce.

In this 6th edition award by Randstad, Google emerged as a winner for two consecutive years.

What attracts and retains good talent in companies?

The survey reports  consisting of 200000 respondents in over 25 countries say that salary , employee benefits, work environment, long term job security ,financial health as of the company and work-life balance play the most important role in attracting, developing and retaining talent in the organizations. Any organization would shine and supersede the other if they have a set of motivated employees, right direction, and vision to work.

However, there has been a decline in the importance of salary by 6% of the last year.

This means they want an environment which makes them feel comfortable as they spend almost more than half a day at work place.

In any employer-employee relationship, the thing in common is trust and growth simultaneously.

Look for good bosses, and you’ll surely end up at a good juncture and grow in real terms.

An organizational climate survey shows that the attrition rate can increase drastically if either of the components mentioned above is not provided to them. And most importantly, the capability of both parties to make each other visualize the future and work coherently for it is the governing factor.

The young fork force today wants to shift to IT and service sector followed by automobiles, FMCG , retail and e-commerce.

You must feel good wherever you work if you don’t…


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-By Payel Bakshi