Facebook’s Tip Jar- An opportunity to let you earn money through your posts

April 21, 2016

With the ever growing possibilities in the field of social media, Facebook has tried new ways to engage its users. Facebook might soon let you earn money from your posts .Well, not almost all posts fall under this category. Your post tagging 50 of your friends might not be the one or the posts where you mention your updates at an hourly basis. If Facebook would have done so I would have been a millionaire by now but Facebook doesn’t want me to become one. Facebook will allow branded content and sponsored ads  to be posted.

Facebook has introduced an Instant Article program for its users so that it helps publishers to easily develop content and ads at a much faster pace.

What are Facebook instant articles?

When you click on an article on Facebook, you need to wait for the site to load in order to get the content. Instant articles solve this by giving you instant access to the content. Have a look at the video.

Social networking has seen a recent boom in the field of networks and communication .Facebook is one of the largest and best marketing initiatives that are quite easy to use for self-marketing. It would be an easy choice for all as it is that very place where the users spend most of their time.

You might be wondering if you might really be paid for your posts but sources straight from the Facebook’s spokesperson say that they are serious about creating a long-term sustainable model for monetizing and revenue generation.

A user survey by The Verge hints at the introduction of a” Tip Jar “, a virtual jar where users can give money to fellow users for posting articles. You might be wondering if the introduction of such programs might be a threat to your website. What if they go against your blogging platform? Well, your concerns are real but short-lived. Association with a brand like Facebook might initiate your potential exposure to a larger community rather than restrict it to very few users.

-By Upasana Singh