Sweet lassi recipe- easy to make homemade lassi


INGREDIENTS: Home-made yogurt Chilled water Sugar Table salt Grounded pistachios Resin Rose water METHOD Step 1- Put in 2 cups of home-made yogurt already refrigerated into the blender. Step 2- Pour in a glass of chilled water. If you haven’t refrigerated both, you can readily add cubes of ice in it. Step 3- Add sugar […]

aam panna recipe-We make you feel at home

Aam Panna

Wow! What a treat in this burning summer. Aam Panna is the tangy summer cooler that we all love to have. Away from home? Missing the Aam Panna made by “Ma” and “Dadi”? Not to worry. We have a step by step guide exclusively for you, straight from Mumma’s recipe book. This is definitely something […]



A lasting impression of Shakespeare has been etched in the minds and hearts of both theatre and literary world. And why not? Shakespeare is the most celebrated dramatist cum writer. Today is the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare and also the World Book Day. Thus, Creative Lichens brings to you 39 Best Quotes from […]

Rajasthan Diaries – Ranakpur’s Jain Temple is a Marvel!

Jain Temple,Ranakpur

Jain Temple, Ranakpur – What a marvel of architecture! Located between the two beautiful cities, Jodhpur and Udaipur, in the heart of the enchanting valleys of Aravalli, engulfed by the forests and woods; the Jain Temple stands still in its majestic grandeur. You cannot escape the serenity. Jain Temple, Ranakpur is dedicated to Tirthankara Adinatha. […]

Spaghetti in White Sauce Recipe: Enjoy Italian at home

white sauce spaghetti

Step by Step guide for Spaghetti in White Sauce Recipe INGREDIENTS Serves 2 persons Spaghetti (pasta)- 200gms Bell Pepper (Red, Yellow and Green)- 1 medium sized, each White button mushrooms- 1.5 cups (optional) Boiled chunks of chicken- 1.5 cups (optional) Onion- 1 large sized Garlic- 2-3 slices Olive Oil- 2-3 tbsp Cornflour- 2.5 tbsp White […]


  “Banned it Queen” of the world. Other achievements lag far behind compared to this big achievement that India holds. Its Mission to Mars is a farce. Our scientists claim to be reaching Mars but we are still fooling around in the discotheques, searching for girls wearing short skirts as it is I matter of […]

10 easy to eat and healthy food items for Lunch


In our last edition, we gave you 10 reasons why having breakfast is a must to live life king size. We are back again to make your life healthier, simpler and better. Presenting to you 10 easy to eat and healthy food items for lunch. It couldn’t have been better. Have a look. 1)Roti and Paneer […]