New Zealand’s 5 $ bill : Best Banknote of the Year


New Zealand’s 5$ banknote won the award for the best banknote of the year 2015. The bank note is orange – brown in color featuring Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the most celebrated mountaineers of New Zealand  on the front and a penguin (Kokako) on the back. The 5$ note was declared a clear […]

Kinnar Akhada at Ujjain Mahakumbh : An insight

We have often heard a famous saying about the Kumbh Mela- “Kumbh ke mele me bichad jana” (i.e. people often get lost in this mela). But Kumbh Mela is not always about losing things. Sometimes it about new found identities. The Kinnar Akhada  found a new identity and a spiritual way to lead a normal […]

Holidaying : Top 5 places you must visit in Houston


Houston is the summer city with a smooth southern style located in the southeast region of Texas in the United States of America, near the coastal area. The city is named after “Sam Houston,” the first President of the Republic of Texas. Houston soil is enriched with talents that have given birth to several famous […]

Spirit of Chennai- My letter to Chennai with lots of love

Dear Chennai, After 100 long years when the torrential rains hit you, we were all taken aback. The deluge swept off every bit that it could except for the one thing that it couldn’t- your spirit, the spirit of Chennai. I am writing this letter because you have taken my heart. In a world where […]

S Ramanujan : His Life beyond mathematics and Infinity


A lot has been focused on the works of S Ramanujan. His theories of infinity,  mathematical analysis and continued fraction. But some fractions still remain untouched.The fractions of his life, life beyond mathematics. On his 96th death anniversary, Creative Lichens brings to you 5 intriguing accounts of his personal life, which you probably do not […]

Google – The most attractive employer of the country


Google emerges as the most attractive employer for the 2nd consecutive year Needless to say, Google the most popular word of this e-world, as per the survey conducted by the Human Resource Consultancy Randstad, was declared as the most attractive employer of 2016  in the country followed by Mercedez Benz. Sectoral awards were given to Dell […]