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Kolkata Diaries

· GRANDMA’S BAG OF TALES - A lifetime lesson for the prince ·

Last evening on my way home, I had a pleasant experience of sharing a moment with an old lady, hereinafter addressed as ‘Grandma’. As I waited for my homebound train, there arrived Grandma with her sweet, little, cute and chubby grandchild in her arms. She was also accompanied by her daughter. Grandma was so affectionate […]


  For that famished soul of mine, that doesn’t need a glass of wine, to dance to tunes, you’ve never heard, My soul is famished but still a free bird, It is perched on a high cliff there, trying to grasp the sun, the clouds, the air, and mix it all up in a bowl, […]

Imaan ho gaya kya mera kharaab, likhna.

· Love sees no religion, does it? ·

Walked to her with a vermilion teeka on his forehead. Seemed to be a big fundamentalist alone in that crowded corridor. “Hello”. So was their first encounter. Never before had she believed, intelligence appeals more than what look does. It did this time. Yes! It appealed her till the zenith. Deep within, that romantic chasm […]

A mother’s letter to her one year old son on his birthday

I barely slept since my water broke. Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and hormones fuelled me. I wanted the world to celebrate with us. With nine months of rigorous effort, our little project was completed and launched on February 19th. It was you, our son Vivaan. I sat down gazing at you in search of the resemblance; […]