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Those four days – Mother’s day special edition


Those four days. Jhunjhuna could still be heard in that hushed moonlit night, but nothing seemed coaxing. Mother sitting there like a bilious pigeon. Father almost bewildered. Nani incessantly on with her nuskas.  One more diaper was left in that packet. And then again a sudden outburst.   Nonstop suggestion from relatives worked even this […]

Expectations – An unusual story of love


It was late in the evening, about 7:45 as per the clock and as usual the Indian Railways was living up to its expectations. The well-endowed, super fast express was about one and a half hours late. Me and my father, along with half a dozen people who had come along for a family see-off […]

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Shades of us


Finally. Finally after a year. It was 5 AM in the morning and she was looking forward to something. Something that made her heart clench. It was going to be the same feeling , same place, same people . There is something to be said about making new memories in the same old place with […]

Clothes do not make a Gentleman, Character Does

Kolkata Diaries Today, I’ve penned down an incident observed by a senior colleague. The purpose of this article? Well it will be revealed as his narrative unfolds:- “It is not every day that I go outside for lunch during the break. But that particular day for reasons I can’t recollect at this moment, I went […]

Spirit of Chennai- My letter to Chennai with lots of love

Dear Chennai, After 100 long years when the torrential rains hit you, we were all taken aback. The deluge swept off every bit that it could except for the one thing that it couldn’t- your spirit, the spirit of Chennai. I am writing this letter because you have taken my heart. In a world where […]