April 21, 2016


“Banned it Queen” of the world. Other achievements lag far behind compared to this big achievement that India holds. Its Mission to Mars is a farce. Our scientists claim to be reaching Mars but we are still fooling around in the discotheques, searching for girls wearing short skirts as it is I matter of nationalism.

Girl wearing short clothes are the ultimate threat India could have ever faced. Political insurgency and terrorism are petty issues. Who looks after them? No one. People are busy watching girls. The only solution to end such acts that go against our views of anti-nationalism or rather ‘aunty nationalism’ is to ban them.

Chandigarh puts up a ban on short skirts as they say it is anti-national. They believe that the so-called scantily clad girls initiate all kind of anti -national acts. So one more added to the list of bans. Ban on clothing. Some day soon a new rule will be set for women to enter disco’s wearing the 6 yard Saree. The saree can be later used as a seal for the disco’s when the government imposes a ban on it.

After a sudden outpour of people accusing the Chandigarh government of being sexist, the Union Territory Secretary Anurag Agarwal clarified that though a policy has been introduced as the ” Controlling of places of public amusement policy” but a  dress code has not been decided or defined. The UT secretary says that the policy was misinterpreted.

India, a country that once fought hard to achieve freedom  is slowly giving up its own values by restraining freedom from individuals. In past one year, India has banned porn, banned cuss words in movies and documentaries and is now banning short skirts. Isn’t our government acting like our next door neighbor who is busy poking their nose in every little thing? The one who informs mom about our activities. The one with natural x- ray eyes  embedded.

The only song that might be played in discos in Chandigarh in coming days will be “Aunty Police Bula Legi”. So girls you better put those clothes in the bonfire.  A newer version of the ‘ Swadeshi movement’  only after which you will be considered ‘desi’ is on the way.

-By Upasana Singh

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author, and do not reflect the opinions of Creative Lichens.