Atrangi Yaari-The Song of Unusual Friendship

March 14, 2016

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How often have you tuned into a song and have been flooded with tons of emotions, right in front of you! Blinking back to back! Rushing! Zooming in and out! To such an extent like you feel an aura where oceans of nostalgias have come alive. You sigh, isn’t it? You get an urge to bottle up those sudden gush of benevolences, an urge to endure those feelings again and again. So that those moments of compassion, warmth, fondness could be preserved for eternity (if there exists something like that). One does that, isn’t it so? Music does that to one’s soul. One of my Facebook cover-picture reads– Music is what feelings sound like! And that is possibly not incorrect. (Happy sighs) Music takes you on a tremendous voyage to a distant land, where one can sail to their own tunes of memoir. Music has that power to bring back the lost energy and to construct positive thoughts into one being. So the basic connotation is… music and memories go hand in hand!

Hence what instilled me to pen down this is the song of Atrangi Yaari (unusual friendship) pictured in the illustrious film called Wazir. Yes, as far as I could confer, this film is a beckon in many ways. The consistency of my contemplations which I was able to draw as the film ended has been suitably rendered into this song… The song begins with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s healthy and evergreen voice (Because he hasn’t aged a bit. My smile has no bound; it certainly isn’t under my control). The song has got me all generous. If you still aren’t a Mr. Bachchan fan, I bet you go watch this film. Your choices would be put at stake, that is an assurance.

Coupled up with this write-up, I was obviously expected to be in sync with the song. I mean, come on, and how will my emotions spurge? Of course it wouldn’t be surprising if many of the readers would be wondering that I may be complying with any love affair stuff. Then I would surely settle up with my poor essence of writing, to disappoint you (whosoever is reading this).

Before we move on, I would definitely notate my favourite lines from the song…

Khoob Hai Lagi Mujhko Teri Bimaari
Iss Bedhangi Duniya Ke Sangi
Hum Na Hote Yaara
Apni Toh Yaari Atrangi Hai Re  

These lines leave me choked up. Reason being I could so connect with the lines as well as the subtle bond of friendship between the two boisterous actors in the film. For the simple raison d’être, I share a similar bond with one of my school teacher—Mrs. Rekha Sinha. Words would escape me if I sit down to write about her (Read, I want to pour my heart out). All of us are well aware of ‘fate’, as yeah Mr. Fate (not so sure of the gender) has his own assorted ways of tantalizing us humans. So, as one fine day, Mr. Fate had decided to take away my Mum from me six years ago, he did make sure that I find my solace in a person like Rekha Ma’am. Since then, she has been my comfort and bolster (of course family is there, but after my Mum, the only lady who holds a special place will be Rekha Ma’am). Prior to this event, she was just my History teacher to me but she was the first person I called when I was informed of the appalling news that dampened me for the coming days… (That Mr. Fate had stored for my family).

Moving on…

Essentially the song depicts the rare bond between two men of diverse age—one is in his forties (Farhan Akhtar), and the other one (Amitabh Bachchan) is in his seventies. Atrangi Yaari talks about the valuable friendship that Mr. Bachchan holds for Farhan Akhtar. Where he reveals to Farhan that how his friendship has put an end to all his troubles; where he has submitted his entire qualms that are being taken care of by Farhan. The two protagonists brought together by chance, share similar stances and this song serves as an avenue for Mr. Bachchan to thank Farhan. Their relationship is unusual in this bizarre world of corruption. Hence they found a companionship in each other. Moreover, I too can well associate my equation with Rekha Ma’am through this song. In this roughly patched world, she has always been there to undo my perplexity.

The song is a hit, and so are you Rekha Ma’am. The song highlights the nuances of friendship, affection, and attachment with a person who is indeed of a different generation and in what way people of diverse age can find that elusive connection. The track quintessentially gives a picture of an unusual friendship between two people who are not related by blood but valued by each other more than a family. I can remember the exact words once stated by Ma’am, “Kids from the very early age should be taught to interact with people of all age-groups. That way the child develops a better perspective of the surrounding which is helpful in his broader thinking”. Besides the lyrics of this song is the precise replica of the statement made by my teacher.

Iss Bedhangi Duniya Ke Sangi
Hum Na Hote Yaara
Apni Toh Yaari Atrangi Hai Re

Kar Berangi Shaamein Hud’dangi Mastmalangi Yaara

Apni Toh Yaari Atrangi Hai Re”

I may have not been able to do justice with my narrative of the song. For that folks, you will need to listen to this fabulous track. Only then, would you be able to comprehend what I have been trying to elucidate since then. The song is a wonderful delight to your ears, download it right away. The melodious song banded with claps and guitar will get you catching. It is such a happy-happy song, will get you tapping your feet. It is the first time that the Bollywood stars, known for musical prowess as well, have given their voice for a song together. I dedicate this song to the lovely ladies of my life, one who is watching us from up above and one who is right here with me as my teacher, guide, friend and mother. To everlasting high-spirited woman and to the Atrangi Yaari I share with her.  

By Swati Sinha