About us

March 14, 2016

“How do you find it?”- Daddy asked me. “Serene”- I said, standing by the still water in the pond. Everything was still the same; as static as the water in the pond. It seemed that time had lost its battle of change. It couldn’t stir the dormancy of this arena.

Brooding about the reluctance and resonating with the same refusal, I swirled a pebble into the water. On spur of the moment, the entire pond was gripped with the energy of the pebble. The fishes, the birds, the gathered moss; the entire arena came to life with the ripples created in the water.

My purpose of living was born again. If something as minuscule as a pebble could make ripples in the still water, why can’t we? Love for writing is the reason we are together. And we, at “Creative Lichens”, are determined to take it a step further by gathering our pebbles to create ripples in your life.

We believe in the power of dreams and the indomitable will to fight back. We believe in effecting a change. We believe in doing our bit. We believe in you.

Would you join us in creating some more ripples?

Our Team

Founder/Editor : Saneya Arif, Ruchita Robinson

Writers : Swati Sinha, Upasana Singh, Riya Lala, Debanjana Bhattacharyya, Payel Bakshi

March 18, 2016