10 must have foods for a Fabulous Skin

April 3, 2016

Glowing! Supple! Radiating! Soft! Smooth!
No. We are not here to entice you to buy a beauty product. We are here to help you enjoy a beauty that lasts longer than the scrubs and the face packs. Let’s have a look at what we have in store for you...

These 10 foods for a fabulous skin are a must read :

1. TOMATOES –  Time to pick up the red lush tomatoes from your kitchen. You can add it to your sabzi, salad or eat it raw. Tomatoes in any form are a rich source of antioxidants containing lycopene. Consumption of tomatoes helps the body to fight free radicals (harmful agents for the human body). Rich sources of vitamin C, tomatoes are a must for a good skin.tomato

2. POWERFUL PROTEIN – Nothing is as good and luxurious as the powerful protein. Protein acts as the repairing agent or your body’s “Fix it agent”. Anything damaged or worn out? Protein is there to repair. So, next time when you are craving for a gorgeous glowing skin; do eat your peanuts, cashews, eggs, chicken, lamb and all sources of protein that you like.egg

3. YOGURT – It is my comfort food! Trust me, you are not appreciating yogurt as much as you should. It gives you the benefits of being probiotic. To put it simply, it helps to maintain the microorganisms in your gut (relax, they are the good bacteria, that helps to secrete all the digestive juices and make your digestion smooth). There is much more to yogurt than you think. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it not only fights the free radicals that affect your skin when you inhale the polluted air but it also cools you from within in this scorching heat.yogurt

4. BEANS – All forms of beans are another go-to food for your skin. So next time when your mom cooks rajma or chana please don’t avoid it.beans

5. MANGOES – Yes! You love it. I love it. We all love it. Mango, the love of our life is rich in carotene. Carotene is nothing but vitamin A which is required for a good skin. Yet another reason to relish the juicy yummy mangoes this summer. Go for it.mangoes

6. POMEGRANATE – These are very good source of vitamins and contain ample of antioxidants. So next time you are grumbling and sulking for your skin, don’t forget to eat pomegranates.pomegranate

7. MILK – Remember the famous ad which said, “Doodh, doodh, doodh, doodh…wonderful doodh. Piyo glass full.” The wonderful milk is not only good for your bones but it also provides the required proteins for repairing your dead damaged skin cells. So all the beautiful girls out there; do not grumble about the full glass of milk that your mother gives you every day. It is the hidden secret of the beauty you always wanted.milk

8. FISH – Fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids; which are essential not only for cognitive development but also for a radiating, soft and supple skin. fish

9. BERRIES – Be it strawberries, raspberries or your granny’s favorite amla; berries work wonders for your skin. So, next time don’t forget to add the homemade raspberry syrup on your pancakes or enjoy that khatta amla that your granny feeds you.strawberry

10. WATER – The last but the most essential of all. Water is a must if you wish to have “Cleopatra-like skin”. 7-8 glasses of water in a day is a must. If you wish to add flavour to it, squeeze a lemon into the water. Add salt and sugar as per your taste. Stir it and your fresh lime water (nimboo pani) is ready. It definitely does more magic to your skin than coke.water

The cat is out of the bag. Now you know the secret to Granma’s beauty.

 Let us know the secret to your glowing skin. We invite you to share your tips with us in the comment section or write to us at

Love yourself. Eat healthy. Look beautiful.

Have a healthy weekend. We will be back soon. 🙂

– By Debanjana Bhattacharyya

The author is a post graduate scholar in Food and nutrition.


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    April 7, 2016

    never knew mangoes were good for skin !!…thnx for d article …with upcoming summer skincare is a must !!

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      Creative Lichens

      April 13, 2016

      Thanks a lot Debdutee. Do check out our health section regularly for more such amazing stuff 🙂