10 easy to eat and healthy food items for Lunch

April 21, 2016

We know you skip your lunch quite often or tend to eat less for the fear of dozing off. Skipping lunch causes unnecessary headache->inefficiency in work->shouting from the boss. Let’s put an end to this cycle. We have not 1, not 2 but 10 solutions to your problem. Try out these 10 easy to eat, yummy food items for lunch. We are sure you will love each one of them.

In our last edition, we gave you 10 reasons why having breakfast is a must to live life king size. We are back again to make your life healthier, simpler and better. Presenting to you 10 easy to eat and healthy food items for lunch. It couldn’t have been better. Have a look.

1)Roti and Paneer wrap

Paneer wrap 1

No time to cook? Grab previous night rotis and place the paneer sabzi on it. Add sliced onion, your choice of seasoning with a drop of lemon and wrap it up. There you go. You are ready with a lunch packed with nutrients and energy your day’s further challenges. Don’t forget to carry an apple along with you . Remember, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

2) Chicken Salad

chicken salad

 In a mixing bowl, toss boiled and fried chicken chunks, lettuce leaves, cubes of carrots, cucumber and tomatoes and herbs. In a small bowl whisk together; mayonnaise, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Add to the chicken and mix gently. A delightful chicken salad with a yummy mayonnaise dressing is all ready for your lunch. The perfect lunch to cool you inside out in summer. (Please note: Use mayonnaise in small amount as it is calorie dense. Curd based salad dressings or lemon juice-ketchup based salad dressings are always a better option.)

3) Sandwiches


I can see you raising your eyebrows. That’s right. Sandwich is not just a breakfast option but also a great option for lunch. Fill it with mushrooms, peas, carrots, potatoes, sliced onion and cucumber. Make it a combo. Instead of having four sandwiches, have 2 sandwiches (fill two whole wheat bread slices with your choice of fillings and cut it into two slices, so that you get 2 sandwiches). 2 sandwiches and one and 1 small glass lassi makes an excellent meal box for summers.

4)Peas pulao

peas pulao

Back from a tiring day at work and only peas left at home? No time to go for grocery and a presentation tomorrow? Phew! Relax! Pull out your frozen peas (I usually prefer fresh but you can use frozen peas for times like these), thaw it and after your rice is boiled add the peas and cook it for a while with spices. Your yummy healthy lunch is ready.

 5) Versatile Vermicelli



It is not only good for cooking ‘sewayi’ but can also be used as another lunch option. Add onions and tomatoes and your choice of seasoning. You can also add curry leaves and you are good to go. A good break from the routine normal lunch.

6) Dosa


If the canteen at your workplace serves you dosa, idli, and other south Indian delicacies,then do not miss out on it. These yummy and easy to digest food items are perfect for lunch if you have a lot of work pending for the day. So, do not hesitate to have the crispy dosa, hot and spicy sambhar and cool chutney.

7) Parathas

Aloo_Paratha_with_Green_Chutney (1)

I know you must be thinking I am repeating my recipes for both breakfast and lunch. But I can’t help it! Being an Indian, you should never miss the varieties of parathas you can have for lunch. From paneer paratha (chapati stuffed with cottage cheese) and gobhi paratha (chapati stuffed with cauliflower) to methi paratha(chapati stuffed with fenugreek leaves) and muli paratha(chapati stuffed with grated radish); your options are innumerable. You can have it with curd, sabzi, pickle or anything that you like.




We all love it! So why not make it healthy and have it for lunch. Add lots of vegetables, less oil, more sautéing and less frying. Keep your food alive (that doesn’t mean you keep it raw). Too much frying will lead to loss of nutrients and by the time you have your lunch, it will be too hard to chew and tasteless.

9) Health box

aloo tikki


I call this option my “Health box”. Make vegetable tikkas with your choice of veggies and just fry it from both sides with little oil (don’t deep fry it, keep it healthy). Get brown bread toasted and lots of salad. Don’t forget to grab your green chutney. Your health box is ready.

10) Elaborate Lunch

daal chawal sabzi

If you are a lucky one, then you can have the benefits of a proper homely lunch. Rice, dal, boiled bitter gourd, vegetable curry with your choice of veggies, fried egg or fish curry and a finishing touch with sweet curd.

 Food+health+taste… You got it all!

Keep chasing your dreams, but remember to eat healthy, stay healthy and be happy.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Please feel free to ask your queries in the comment box or write to us at We care for you. Have a great day ahead.

-By Debanjana Bhattacharyya

The author is a postgraduate scholar in Food and Nutrition.